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Design of cosmetic products…

Design of cosmetic products – Formulation

Date de parution : 10/2022
Ouvrage 450p.   –  15.5 x 24 cm · Broché · 
ISBN : 978-2-490639-41-0

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This book, which has become an essential reference in French language for both student training and product innovation, details the major forms developed by the cosmetics industry, their design and the evaluation of their stability and sensory properties.Each chapter provides the reader with operational keys to learn and understand cosmetic formulation.

Coordinated by Anne-Marie Pensé-Lhéritier, CEO FRMGaleSens, Cergy, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, who has assembled a team of specialists and industrialists in the field, this practical and synthetic book is intended for cosmetics professionals, who will find all the information they need on a daily basis to develop, market or advise new products, as well as for students and teachers in the cosmetics and aesthetics fields.

This book is translated from the work of Anne-Marie Pensé-Lhéritier, Conception des produits cosmétiques, la formulation, 3rd edition, 2022. Translation by Mrs Varunah Anoushka Khednah.